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Craftium Back Up!

[S.A] deershark aa posted Mar 13, 14
You heard correct! Craftium is back online. Thanks for waiting while Craftium was down for maintenance.
Scheduled maintenance for the Craftium survival server will occur during this week! Thanks for your understanding and your continued support!
[Owner] SpazzyShaq72 a Tomorrow evening PST
metalfuse Do u know when it ill come back on cause my town is having something importaint on Saturday the 15th

Fan Art <3

[S.A] MRACAP aa posted Feb 7, 14
Hey guys I wanted to show everyone this amazing piece of art that was hand drew for us! You guys can check her out on Instgram @Mooncandy_art but she did truly an amazing job at this! I mean LOOK AT IT! 


[S.A] MRACAP aa posted Jan 8, 14
Hey guys! Our Instagram account is up and running! 
If you guys wanna follow us that would be awesome! 
We will be posting pictures daily, let you know when sales start-end, and if we have any news to bring to Icy-Storm!
Checkout our Instagram!

Please don't forget to go diamond and favorite to the server on planetminecraft!

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