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We now have a Teamspeak3 server! 

IP:     ts.icy-storm.com

Craftium is renovating. Some might ask what now I just want my server back. We are working to transfer Craftium back to its glory days of 1.0 and 2.0.

Notable Changes

  • We will be going back to the old system of protection stones with the ores and the ability to collect them with a silk touch pickaxe. 
  • Craftium's original style of the huge market will be adopted again.

The world will reset! However, do not despair! We will feature biome specific warps to most biomes in the game with the exceptions of Mushroom Island. This is due to the switching from the current system of sponge and bedrock to the more varied system of coal, lapis, and diamond ores.

Seeing as so much time has passed since this era of Craftium we ask you, the community, to help recollect memories of the plugins and extra features Craftium had back in the day. 

Release Date

We value having the best community in the Minecraft Universe. To be fair life has been throwing me mad curve balls so my personal time in the development in the server is help back due to time restraints. I am expecting by having this up the first or second week of May. We value all your patience in the return. As a confirmed date becomes available I will post it in this section of the website. For all of your patience I will be giving away a Lifetime Contributor rank as a thank you when the server comes live. The rank will be drawn from the players who respond the post I make when the server goes live. The giveaway will end three days after the post that the server is live.

Thank you so much on behalf of the server and all the staff!
[Ex] poisonshot2020 Cant wait to see what Craftium 1.0 brings i loved 2.0 but apparently 1.0 was better thanks for going with what we will l ...
metalfuse I love this server and all of the people on it. I am trying to keep my patience and I barely am. This impatience is beca ...
[Count] Sniper575 o The reason I liked old Craftium so much is because it was all about fun atleast for me and my fellow user friends that j ...
We have experienced issues with the host. It will return by this Friday.

Craftium Back Up!

[Duke] deershark aa posted Mar 13, 14
You heard correct! Craftium is back online. Thanks for waiting while Craftium was down for maintenance.
Scheduled maintenance for the Craftium survival server will occur during this week! Thanks for your understanding and your continued support!
[Owner] SpazzyShaq72 a Tomorrow evening PST
metalfuse Do u know when it ill come back on cause my town is having something importaint on Saturday the 15th
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